4 Reasons Living With Less Can Change Your Life – and Save the World

Our lives are incredibly complicated. This has become a fact of modern society as it seems that there is not a single task that we do on a daily basis that is cut and dry, simple. From the moment we wake up in the morning, we’re faced with a series of choices and challenges. One only needs to peek into their bathroom cabinet and come face to face with the plethora of scented scrubs, shampoos, and shaving gels to feel immediately overwhelmed. The fact is, we live in a consumer culture that tells us that we don’t only want 10 different products that all serve the same basic purpose – but we also need them for one reason or other.As a result of this nagging urge to have the most, best products – from electronics, to clothes, to cars, and everything in between – we’ve amassed way more stuff than we probably could ever use … let alone really need. Although we might have purchased all of these things with the intention of improving our lives in some way, we’re finding that getting more stuff just for the sake of having stuff is doing the exact opposite.Having too much stuff not only creates physical clutter (don’t think just because you jam all of last season’s clothing in a closet means it goes away!), but it creates mental and emotional clutter as well. Studies have found that too much clutter can lower your ability to focus and process information and even contribute to stress and anxiety levels. So, how can we avoid all of these adverse effects of too much stuff? Well, it all starts with learning to live with less.

more here: 4 Reasons Living With Less Can Change Your Life – and Save the World | One Green Planet


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