5 Natural Items for Oral Hygiene

Floride may be thought to do the teeth good but evidence has certainly stacked up against fluoride being a positive to the rest of our body. It’s linked to all sorts of ailments, such as bone cancer, thyroid disease, and brain damage. With the recent rise in consumer awareness, health conscious people are ditching fluoride quickly, and studies are proving it’s something we should all consider.However, for many, this causes concern because we’ve grown up under the illusion that we have to have fluoride in order to have healthy teeth. But, at what cost are we doing this? Furthermore, is there a way in which we can get the benefits fluoride is touted as providing without endangering our lives in the process? Without a doubt, there are plenty of natural items to help maintain our oral hygiene and stay healthy at the same time.Natural ToothpasteWhether done at home with a few simple ingredients or store-bought, natural toothpaste is no big deal to get, and it gets rid of any issues we might have with commercial pastes, most of which flaunt their inclusion of fluoride. There are lots of opinions on homemade toothpastes out there, but to keep it in perspective, humankind survived many, many years without chemically produced, mass marketed, brand name toothpaste. We can — and probably should — learn to press on without them.

More here: 5 Natural Items for Oral Hygiene | One Green Planet


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