Release and Let Go: 12 Ways to Declutter Your Life

Do you wish your home felt a little more organized and tidy? Don’t we all, right? We tend to accumulate so much stuff over the course of life that it can almost seem to bury us. So why do we hang on to all of this stuff if it just weighs us down? It’s just stuff after all. For many people, it’s more about the emotional attachments to things, rather than the actual items themselves. Or sometimes life gets so busy we forget to even take inventory of our personal belongings.No matter the reason you have all the stuff, it’s vital to regularly take some time to sort through and declutter your home environment. Letting go of items releases stagnant energy and welcomes in new, fresh energy into your space so you can feel more relaxed and at peace in your home. So here are some tips to help you make sense of all that clutter and find your way out of the mound of stuff that’s weighing you down.

more here: Release and Let Go: 12 Ways to Declutter Your Life | One Green Planet


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