7 Basic Composting Secrets for Better Results

Compost, or at least an attempt at it, is becoming commonplace, and that’s a great thing. Not only is it one of the greenest habits we can all adopt for the good of the planet, but also the end result is something incredibly useful for growing a bit our own food, another green gesture we can all be doing for the mother earth (and ourselves for that matter).All that said, without a doubt, stories of failed composts are almost as commonplace as composting itself. Many of us have been lead to believe that it’s as simple as throwing all of our kitchen scraps into a box and letting it rot. However, the truth is that this will more likely result in a fly-infested, smelly mess. Composting can be easy, but there is a little more to it than kitchen scraps.So, for the novice and experienced composter alike, here are a few tips, techniques and clues gleaned from master composters, for making the pile work a little better.

read more here: 7 Basic Composting Secrets for Better Results | One Green Planet


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