How to Make Your Own Sea Salt

It’s there in abundance, absolutely free for the taking, rolling in wave after wave, yet we go to the store and buy unnatural chemical compounds. The oceans, not to mention the other bodies of salt water, comprise the bulk of the planet, so why aren’t we making the most of it? We do not get our salt naturally ourselves. Sea salt has become much more common on the average American dinner table, and it’s readily available at even run-of-the-mill grocery stores these days. And, the reason we originally moved to chemically constructed salt rather than the natural stuff was to combat deficiencies in iodine, which it has successfully done. Nearly 70 percent of table salt is iodized. However, many of us now struggle with health problems due to high sodium intake, and some of us also strive to get our vitamins and minerals from natural sources. The sea and its salt do naturally provide iodine (and many other trace minerals). We can get our daily recommended intake of iodine from sea plants and naturally iodized sea salt. Also, making sea salt is an interesting and fun DIY project.

Source: How to Make Your Own Sea Salt | One Green Planet


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