15 Condiments You Can Make at Home

The perfect blend of herbs and spices may be the key to making delicious food, but condiments are like icing on the proverbial cake — they’re always nice to have. Condiments are the relish on your veggie dog, the ketchup on your black bean burger, the mustard for dipping your soft pretzel … You get the point. Condiments rock. Some staple condiments, like traditional butter and mayonnaise, are made using dairy and eggs, but today we’re able to find vegan versions in most grocery stores. Others, like vegan Worcestershire sauce, aren’t so easy to find, which is unfortunate because Worcestershire sauce takes savory sauces and marinades to the next level. Fortunately, it’s easy to make condiments at home. Why make them at home? For one, you can choose what ingredients go into your own condiments, meaning you can alter the recipe to perfectly suit your tastes. No more buying a brand that doesn’t end up rocking your taste buds. The second reason is, you cut down on waste. And finally, how awesome is it to serve food you made yourself and top it with condiments that are made from scratch? It makes you feel like a domestic culinary wizard. On that note, let’s get into DIY-mode and talk about the good stuff: 15 condiments you can easily make at home.

Source: 15 Condiments You Can Make at Home | One Green Planet


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