Easy-to-Grow Fruits for Even the Smallest of Spaces

While gardening is quickly becoming a popular pastime for the modern urban/suburban dweller, much of the focus is on vegetables as the vegetation, with fruits being largely left out of the mix. When we think of growing in small spaces, we think of lettuce leaves and fresh herbs (both of which are great things), and we think of tomatoes, bell peppers, and peas twisting their way up the patio railing. But, we don’t tend to think about growing fruit. Even so, fruit is a beautiful thing. It’s the dessert the earth provides, that burst of sweetness or tartness that so many of us yearn for. It’s a vessel for vitamins and minerals, a healthy treat to enjoy on its own or with veggies or in pastries or as smoothies …Oh, how the list grows! Why on our green planet would we not be growing fruits — other than only vegetables — in our garden? Maybe some of us just don’t realize that fruit can be grown in small spots, too. Well, it can. Lots of it can. Lots.

Source: Easy-to-Grow Fruits for Even the Smallest of Spaces | One Green Planet


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