5 Cool DIY Garden Projects for Old Pallets

Pallet projects are quickly becoming a favorite pastime for crafters, and one of the most productive ways to put them to good use is another popular pastime: gardening. Pallets are a conscientious way to get durable hardwood for nothing, or next to, and often with doing very little to them, just adding a bit of imagination, they make perfect garden additions. However, before getting too far into a pallet project, especially one growing organic food, it’s important to make sure the pallets are safe. Many are treated with chemicals to help them resist rot and insect infestation, and while that might work well for shipping companies, it hardly fits a gardener’s mold of good ideas. Look for pallets with HT stamped into the logo, signifying it has been heat treated rather than chemically treated (MB equates to Methyl Bromide, aka not good for the garden), and watch out for pallets that have had petroleum or other chemicals spilled on them. Once the pallets are there; however, there is plenty of work to be done and a lot of potential for making a really nifty garden with plenty of growing space and some super cool features.

Read More Here: 5 Cool DIY Garden Projects for Old Pallets | One Green Planet


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