4 Personal Care Products You Should Never Buy Again

For many people who are actively trying to prevent or reverse disease, heal their bodies from trauma or just feel generally healthier, their focus is solely on food and exercise. They will buy organic produce, go for a walk, and come home for a nice relaxing bubble bath, not knowing the potentially harmful ingredients included in the latter activity. It’s time people started seeing their personal care products for what they really are; it’s time people started considering how these products can negatively affect their health. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics seeks to educate us on these matters, stating that the personal care “industry spokespeople often claim “it’s just a little bit” of a toxic chemical in a given product, and that a little bit can’t hurt. But when there are carcinogens in the bathtub, hormone disruptors in soaps and fragrances, and traces of toxic chemicals in food, air, water and other consumer goods, it all adds up — and the sum could harm our health.” Ready for a personal care makeover yet?

Read More Here: 4 Personal Care Products You Should Never Buy Again | One Green Planet


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