6 Quick and Original Gift Ideas From Upcycled Jars

There is an important movement happening now to reduce our use of plastic, and choosing glass jars instead of plastic ones is a big part of it. A problem, however, that many eco-conscious consumers run into is that there is a finite number of glass jars that can be stowed away for later use. At some point, the amassing has to stop. Not only do our cabinets insist, but also there are only so many pickles one can make or dried beans one can store or seed banks one can start or fermentation cultures needed in one household. Then, what do we do with the extra jars? When in doubt, pawn them off on others. Jars are amazing. With them, we can make a cool collection of gifts that will remind our friends of how wonderfully green and colorfully creative we are, as well as provide thoughtful, useful presents. The following DIY gifts don’t take much effort, and we can save ourselves the cash of buying a present, upcycling instead of using more resources and emptying out the cupboards a little. Check out these hip ways to upcycle jars.

Read More Here: 6 Quick and Original Gift Ideas From Upcycled Jars | One Green Planet


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