18 Ways You Can Use A Mason Jar to Eliminate Unnecessary Plastic In Your Life

As our everyday lives become inundated with plastic, we are overwhelming pressed to weigh the short-term conveniences with the long-term burdens this waste leaves us with. Plastic is quite a pesky little monster, sneaking into nearly every aspect of life. It’s at the grocery store in the form of bottles, plastic bags, and plastic containers that hold our food and beverages. It’s what you carry your groceries home in. It’s part of your daily beauty ritual, housing your lotions, cosmetics, hair care, and the like. And that’s just where plastic sits on the surface of everyday life – if you really look hard enough, you’ll find that plastic has firmly wedged itself into so many (too many!) aspects of your everyday routine. And the damage that our plastic lifestyles are having is not going unnoticed. Roughly a trillion plastic shopping bags are used every year worldwide. An estimated 50 billion plastic water bottles are used in the United States alone every year. And that plastic isn’t going anywhere soon. A plastic cup may take 50-80 years to degrade. A plastic bottle may take up to 1,000 years to do the same. But before any of that plastic has a chance to “go away,” it’s going out to the ocean at the rate of 8 million tons a year. And once in the ocean, it’s free to harm animals like sea turtles, whales, and birds.

Source: 18 Ways You Can Use A Mason Jar to Eliminate Unnecessary Plastic In Your Life | One Green Planet


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