10 Effective Home Remedies For Nasal Congestion

Summer times are fun times! Beach trips, pool parties, rain dance and lots of water splash in the pool. But something that can ruin your perfect summer fun, or even your cosy winter, is a stuffy nose along with headaches and body pains.Weather triggers are most often associated with nasal congestion. But there are other factors too that could lead to the same. Triggers like allergy, sinusitis, common cold etc. are known to cause nasal congestion.The cause notwithstanding, the symptoms can leave you breathless and even dehydrated at times. Various over-the-counter medicines are easily available to help you with a congested nose. Alternatively, if you want to keep it a bit more natural, there are certain things that you could pick from your home to ease the discomfort too.Right from traditional steam inhalation to sipping herbal teas and irrigating your clogged nasal passage, there are some very effective home remedies you can try.Got queries regarding health and wellness? Ask the experts at Lybrate.Here is a list of the top 10 nasal congestion home remedies that are effective and have no side effects whatsoever.

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