10 Powerful Foods That Can Change Your Health in a Short Amount of Time

Our health depends on a variety of factors, primarily our physical and emotional well-being. These two forms of our health are largely influenced by the foods we eat, the movement we get, the relationships we have, and the environments we’re exposed to. Our previous health histories and genetics of course play a part, but we have a powerful ability to optimize our health with each and every action we take. While that can feel intimidating, it’s better to let it empower you. Exercise and emotional health are two incredibly important factors of our health, but those two things will do nothing for your health without a proper diet. Food sends a message to our brains, digestive systems, our blood, our heart, our immune system, and every single cell in our bodies.What we put in is ultimately what we get out.There are a variety of healthy foods out there that will benefit your health. Not one set or combination will work the same for everyone, however, when it comes to choices we can all bet on, there are some “power foods” that everyone can add to maximize their health—even change their health—in a very short amount of time.

More Here: 10 Powerful Foods That Can Change Your Health in a Short Amount of Time | One Green Planet


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