Put Your Feet in the Right Place with Our Best Foot Care Tips to Avoid Infections

We buy the most fashionable footwear to make our feet look good. But do we care as much to keep our feet safe? Our feet take a lot of dirt, filth, pain for us and it is our responsibility to keep them safe from infections.

Feet care is not just applicable to women. Men also need to upkeep their feet to avoid infections. So not over look the advantages of having nice-looking, cared-for feet. Follow our useful steps for feet care.

Foot pain should not be ignored. It is not normal to experience pain in your feet. It could be indicating an allergy or internal injury. See your podiatric immediately if you are experiencing pain in your feet.

Keep a tab on how your feet look and feel. As in, inspect them for colour and temperature regularly. A thick or discoloured nail could be sign of a developing fungus. Check for cracks or cuts in the skin. Any kind of growth on your feet is not normal. Peeling or scaling on your feet soles indicate athlete’s foot.

Maintain good feet hygiene by washing them daily. After washing, make sure to dry your feet completely before putting on shoes. Dry the space between toes well.

The correct way to cut toe nails is to cut them straight across but not too short. Do not cut the corners or sides of the nails; it can lead to ingrown toenails.

Diabetics and people with poor blood circulation or heart problems must care for their feet extra and should not treat them roughly. Their feet are more prone to infections than other people. The infections or injuries to their feet are hard to treat also.

Wear shoes that fit your feet properly. In the evening, your feet are at their largest size, and it is the best time to buy a pair of comfortable shoes. Replace worn out shoes as soon as possible.

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