Daily Habits That Can Cause Calcium Loss

Osteoporosis and bone loss are two issues that affect many people every single year that can be both painful and problematic for overall health. Our bones support our muscles, joints, and without healthy bones, we may suffer fractures, breakages, and severe pain that affect our day to day life and abilities. As we age, we naturally lose bone mass. This is one reason why strength and resistance training are recommended for everyone, especially those 45 years of age and above. It’s also why weight-bearing exercises like walking and yoga are so highly recommended; they support a strong body for life, indirectly prevent the breakdown of bones, and strengthen the muscles. The saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it” rings true for your muscles and your bones; to preserve bone mass, you have to help build your muscles and support your overall skeletal structure.

More Here: Daily Habits That Can Cause Calcium Loss | One Green Planet


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