5 Steps to Put Out the Fire of Inflammation in the Body

Inflammation is something that is quite the sneaky little health problem. It’s often masked as other issues that you might be “writing off” as something else. For instance, acne is a sign of inflammation as is joint pain and even more serious issues. Dr. Mark Hyman even says that inflammation is the root cause of many serious types of disease, including obesity. Several things can cause inflammation with some of the top reasons being: a poor diet, chronically elevated levels of stress, and consistent use of prescription drugs and other chemicals. But if you have inflammation, you know it’s incredibly hard to get rid of and doesn’t just happen overnight.However, don’t lose hope; if you’re trying to beat inflammation there are some simple things you can do right now to start healing your body and putting out the fire naturally. Oh, and don’t worry — everyone can do these, they aren’t expensive nor do they take a great deal of time. Put these five tips into play this week in your home and you’ll feel like a new person in less than a month!

More here: 5 Steps to Put Out the Fire of Inflammation in the Body | One Green Planet


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