5 Simple Go-To Tips to Shrink Your Plastic Footprint

The use of a “footprint” has been a valuable manner in which to quantify and visualize our individual resource use. A water footprint helps us understand how much freshwater is used to grow our food, manufacture our goods, and run our households. A carbon footprint can tell us how much carbon is released by our diet, our personal consumption habits, and our transportation choices. Now, what about the impact that your plastic use has on the environment?It is becoming more and more apparent that the manufacturing, use, recycling, and disposal of plastic materials has a major impact on the planet. And all of these actions come down to individual choices made on a personal level around when to use plastic, how much to use, and how to dispose of it. Now more than ever it’s becoming important to look at our plastic footprint and ask ourselves where improvements can and should be made.

More here: 5 Simple Go-To Tips to Shrink Your Plastic Footprint | One Green Planet


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