Simple DIY Graywater Systems for the House and Garden

ust to make sure everyone is up to speed, graywater is waste water from household uses, such as washing the dishes, doing laundry or taking a bath, while black water is the much more unsavory combinations created in the commode. This is important because, while black water is pretty much done for, in need of serious sanitation before being let back into the public sphere, in many instances graywater is perfectly fine for lots of everyday tasks we undertake that don’t really require pure, fresh water.With the climate being as it is, and our fresh water supplies dwindling as they are, and the various other drinking water tragedies currently befalling the U.S. and other countries, a little extra care and consideration of our water sources is long past due. One of the easiest ways of doing this is making use of the graywater we produce, rather than utilizing clean water. It takes minimal effort and saves gallons upon gallons each month.

Read More Here: Simple DIY Graywater Systems for the House and Garden | One Green Planet


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