20 Recipes So Good No One Will Have to Tell You to Eat Your Spinach

What do Popeye and the Catherine de Medici, the queen of France have in common? They both loved their spinach and would be thrilled that March 26th is National Spinach Day! We all know from our childhoods that Popeye the Sailorman was “strong to the finish ‘cause he ate his spinach.” Catherine de Medici loved spinach so much, it was served at every meal. Because she was born in Florence, dishes made with spinach became synonymous with “Florentine.”Well, you don’t have to be Popeye or a queen to know that spinach is amazing. This dark, leafy green is available year-round and is super-healthy. It’s one of the best sources of iron and is also filled with nutrients such as folate, lutein, calcium, fiber, protein, and vitamins A, C, E, and K.Spinach is so versatile; you can eat it raw or cooked and add it to practically any dish. It works in salads, soups, pasta, and dips, or on its own as a healthy and delicious side dish. Check out 30 Flippin’ Cool Ways to Eat Spinach, 10 Creative Ideas to Sauté and Stir-Fry Spinach, and 10 Flavorful Ways to Cook Spinach. Then try these 20 recipes that are so good, no one will have to tell you to eat your spinach.

Read More : 20 Recipes So Good No One Will Have to Tell You to Eat Your Spinach | One Green Planet


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