Make Your Own Chemical-free Cleanser and Moisturizer for Healthy Skin

The moment my skin became rejuvenated after trying this I simply wanted to share it with as many as I could. Everyone deserves to have beautiful skin and I hope that this helps put you on your journey to it.The results were so simple yet amazing. I love when simplicity works wonders and this has been a miracle for me. Man, this sounds like a religious infomercial haha, but seriously I speak no lies.Using chemical-induced products strips your face of oils, thus causing an overproduction of oil or even dryness. Just because the label on your commercial product claims to “eliminate pimples,” “for sensitive skin,” and “reduce further production of pimples,” does not mean it’s true. That lovely scent on your product most likely comes from fragrance which is known to be a skin irritant. All these chemicals dry out and irritate your skin leaving it tight and dry. Sometimes when your skin becomes dry, it may produce more oils thus leaving your skin oily or unbalanced. If products leave your face dry, you may turn to lotions that contain even more chemicals. GAH. Never ending cycle! I definitely fell victim.Two oils to become acquainted with: olive oil and castor oil. These oils help balance the natural production of oil on your face since they do

More here: Make Your Own Chemical-free Cleanser and Moisturizer for Healthy Skin | One Green Planet


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