How to Make Natural Tooth Powder at Home

When I first made the switch to all natural products, I took the easiest route possible by buying trusted brands in my local health foods store. The initial cost increase compared to my normal products was a bit hard to swallow, so I began researching ways to create my own beauty products at home. At the time, I used a range of products from face toner to an expensive shampoo to battle my dry scalp. As I began to learn about the benefits of the natural products I was researching, I also came to realize that many of them were multifunctional. To this day, I am convinced if you have some baking soda and apple cider vinegar you can not only clean, treat, and heal anything on your body, but you can also clean anything in your house! One of the uses I found for baking soda was to use it as an alternative for toothpaste when I was in a pinch (and I liked the slick, clean feeling it left on my teeth). And while it remains a great one-ingredient toothpaste/powder, I missed the minty fresh taste in my mouth, and I had read that baking soda alone could be a bit abrasive on your teeth.

More Here: How to Make Natural Tooth Powder at Home | One Green Planet


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