5 DIY Alternatives to Conventional Hair Sprays, Mousses, and Gels

According to the EPA, there are over 10,000 products in your conventional hair products, and only 11 percent of these products have been tested for safety! You wouldn’t eat a pesticide-ridden apple or hormone-loaded Greek yogurt — so why are you applying hazardous chemicals and neurotoxins on your hair and skin?!Your internal organs have several ways of eliminating toxins from harming your body like your liver and excess fat reserves. But chemicals that are applied to the skin have almost no barrier from entering the bloodstream, making them very dangerous. Instead of subjecting yourself to loads of chemicals, try any (or all) of these DIY alternatives to conventional hair care products. You’ll get the style you want without the gross chemicals or carcinogens.Argan Oil Leave-In ConditionerThis is one of the easiest conditioners ever! Simply pour ½ teaspoon or pure argan oil (more or less depending on your hair type and length) into the palm of your hand and massage into your scalp and hair. Style as you normally would and you’ll be instantly rocking a good hair day. Argan oil has been used for thousands of years as a natural hair product to tame frizz and nourish dry hair.

More Here: 5 DIY Alternatives to Conventional Hair Sprays, Mousses, and Gels | One Green Planet


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