How to Use Coconuts to Make Everyday Skincare Products

Coconuts are one of our favorite tropical fruits. They are delicious and filled with nutritional benefits, and as an extra bonus, coconut products can be used for skin and hair care. This is great news considering many conventional personal care products contain toxins that can be harmful to one’s health. Plus, often times, the prices are not easy on the pocketbook. If you’re looking for a healthy and cost-effective way to replace some of your conventional brand skin and hair care products, coconut is a simple but honest answer. Try these solutions for many of your skin and hair care needs, and your skin, hair, and bank account will thank you!LotionCoconut oil is perfect for moisturizing your skin. Simply lather it on your body generously and give the oil a bit of time to soak in before covering your skin with clothing. If you use coconut oil on your face, be sure to use only a very thin coat, as it may clog up your pores.Body ScrubWhy spend money on expensive body scrubs when you can easily make your own with just a few ingredients? Mixed with sugar or Epsom Salt, coconut oil is a great addition to your body scrub! It moisturizes your skin while the sugar or Epsom Salt exfoliates, creating soft, smooth and healthy skin. Apply the body scrub to your skin in the shower, rubbing it gently against your skin to let the scrub exfoliate and moisturize. Try this Zesty Sweet Lemon Sugar Body Scrub.

More Here: How to Use Coconuts to Make Everyday Skincare Products | One Green Planet


One thought on “How to Use Coconuts to Make Everyday Skincare Products

  1. You are so right about coconut oil. I can tell you from experience that coconut oil is awesome. I use it for so many things. I not only put it on my skin, I consume it as well. I even give it to my pets. This is a great post. Great info. Cheers, Koko❀


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