Make These 5 Smell-Good Face Masks and Scrubs Using All Plant-Based Ingredients!

This is pure face love. Honestly, I do this a couple times a week and get such wonderful results. My skin becomes soft, smooth, glowing and exfoliated…AND my skin brightens up. Why, you ask? This simple face scrub is made up of only two ingredients: sugar (organic, non white sugar preferably) and lemon juice.The sugar not only exfoliates, but also is a humectant, which allows moisture from the air and your body to be ‘sealed’ into your skin. Plus, the lemon juice is filled with vitamin C, a best friend for your skin. It also exfoliates with its citric acid and helps lighten any discoloration, age spots, blemishes and fine lines.Ingredients• Sugar (fine crystals of organic sugar)• Lemon juice (enough to make a thick paste)MethodIn a bowl, combine the ingredients, then gently scrub your damp face for a minute or two. Yes it will feel rough, but the end result will be worth it. Yes, even scrub your lips! Mmm, it will taste like lemonade! Cool! Then, rinse your face and pat dry. Your skin will be rosy, soft, smooth and glowing. You’re gorgeous, darling!

Read More Here: Make These 5 Smell-Good Face Masks and Scrubs Using All Plant-Based Ingredients! | One Green Planet


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