DIY Natural Perfumes: How to Make Them and Why You Should

Everyone loves to smell nice, and a signature scent is actually a really fun way to stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, many of those pretty bottles in the department stores are filled with toxic and dangerous chemicals. In fact, studies show that the ingredients often found in store-bought perfumes and colognes can trigger a slew of health problems. For example, these common chemicals can trigger allergic reactions, asthma-like symptoms and chronic headaches. And what’s even more alarming, the toxicity levels can be so high that they have been linked to certain cancers and thyroid complications.However, there’s good news! Making your own perfume is as easy as picking up a few key ingredients from your local health food store. So instead of dealing with all of those horrible chemicals, let’s make our own signature scent the One Green Planet way:The BaseThe first step in this process is to pick a neutral base for your perfume. For a liquid consistency, choose an alcohol such as vodka. Another option is to use a thin oil – jojoba or almond oil are perfect for this method. The most common formula is a 1:1 mixture of oil and alcohol, but using both is certainly not necessary. Coconut oil is another great option for a more solid perfume. If heavy oils aren’t your thing, consider making a body mist by simply starting with filtered water and essential oils.

More Here: DIY Natural Perfumes: How to Make Them and Why You Should | One Green Planet


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