Homemade Deep Conditioner and Hot Oil Treatment

When it comes to beauty regimens, using a deep conditioner on my hair is a must. I do it religiously, and pretty much always have ever since my mama introduced me to it when I was young(er) and living at home. My hair is very prone to breakage, so I try my hardest to keep it moisturized and as healthy as possible. I have spent some big bucks on deep conditioners in the past, and sometimes not too happy with the results – so several months ago, I decided to attempt making my own.Since I started DIY-ing my own deep conditioner, I haven’t purchased a single store-bought version. I absolutely love it! It’s all natural, super simple, and filled with moisturizing goodness.Here’s What You Need:I make this in about 7-8oz batches – so that’s the recipe I’m sharing. However, you can make this in as small or large of a batch you would like. You simply need 2 parts coconut oil to 1 part jojoba oil – plus a few drops of Tea Tree oil per batch. I have also tried grapeseed oil & extra virgin olive oil in place of the jojoba oil. Argan oil also works really good in this, but because of the price of it, I prefer the jojoba. You can also substitute another kind of essential oil for the tea tree if you like, but I prefer this one because of the fantastic moisturizing qualities it has on the hair.

More Here: Homemade Deep Conditioner and Hot Oil Treatment | One Green Planet


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