How Choosing Quality Over Quantity Equates to Less Plastic

The biggest problem with plastic might just be the fact that there is so much of it. We use it as a component in virtually everything we make, from computers to garbage cans to drink straws. Then, once we’ve used it to make a product, we generally follow that up with plastic packaging in some form or many. We’ve all seen the plastic take-out cutlery come in a little plastic bag with a napkin, salt, and pepper (often each in another plastic sachet), likely to be used to eat something out of container coated in some for plastic.Well, aside from the fact of what this is doing to the environment — see: the oceans, the land, and the animals — it is also a sign of the sort of quality of life we’ve become accustomed to leading. We buy everything for convenience, in single-serving form. We buy for bargains, never considering how plastic products are too often poorly made and prone to breaking. We see everything as being replaceable and afford very little value to the things we buy. Unfortunately, this short-term convenience has many long-term consequences, and in order to mitigate these consequences we have to go to the source: our stuff.As consumers, we have an incredible opportunity to turn our abusive and destruction plastic obsession into a positive by simply adjusting how we think about our purchases. Rather than looking at a price tag and buying something regardless of the quality, if we took questions like how long will this item last and is it worth it to pay to replace it in a few days/weeks/months when it’s reached its end into consideration, the chances that we’d find ourselves inundated with waste would be much, much less. In the case of plastic, the less waste we create, the better. By looking for quality in the items, we commonly buy over quantity we can cut out plastic footprint enormously. So Green Monsters, you ready to get started?

Read More Here: How Choosing Quality Over Quantity Equates to Less Plastic | One Green Planet


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