7 Things to Do With Compost if You Don’t Garden

If you’re interested in composting, you might already know that it’s a great thing to do for the planet. Composting reduces landfill waste and harmful emissions, plus it’s great for the land. The big tragedy is that many of the things we throw away could be composted. According to the most recent information reported by the EPA, roughly 25 percent of municipal solid waste in the United States is made up of materials that could be composted. That percentage combines food scraps and yard trimmings totaling 65 million tons of unnecessary waste sent to the landfill each year! In a perfect world, we’d each have space for our garden, the time to spend in it, and the green thumb to grow things in it. While these three elements may miraculously collide for you someday, rest assured that you don’t need to have a garden to start composting at home. But what do you do with all that nutrient-dense compost soil if you don’t have a garden? Living in the city, many people we meet think composting isn’t for them because they don’t have space or interest for gardening. But don’t throw your kitchen scraps out just yet: here are seven ways to use your compost to help the planet.

Read More Here: 7 Things to Do With Compost if You Don’t Garden | One Green Planet


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