How I Learned That Using Less Plastic is an Opportunity

There’s no doubt that plastic harms the environment. From the iconic Chris Jordan pictures of the dead Albatross chicks on Midway Atoll, who died from starvation after mistakenly being fed plastic by their parents – to the countless images of marine life caught in discarded fishing line or other plastic that should never have made it into the ocean in the first place, to the reports of whales dying after ingesting DVD cases, there are articles and stories all over the internet regaling tales of how plastic is damaging our marine life. It’s not restricted to the oceans, though, land animals are also ingesting this plastic. It harms people too: the people who process plastic for recycling by melting it down, the people walking through garbage piles finding plastic to sell, and the people whose environments and waterways are littered with plastic.When I first decided to quit plastic, it was because I cared about all these things. I care about the environment, I love being out in nature, and I also believe in social justice – and plastic affects the poorest people in the poorest countries the most. I cared, but was I doing much about it? Probably not. I didn’t want to be adding to the problem, but in some ways I was. I certainly wasn’t helping to solve them. Before I really understood that plastic was causing all these problems, maybe I could justify my inaction.

Read More Here: How I Learned That Using Less Plastic is an Opportunity | One Green Planet


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