15 of Our Easiest Recipes to Help You Cook Meat-Free

Who says that eating plant-based has to be complicated? Making delicious meat-free food is easy, healthy and economical – not to mention incredibly delicious. If you’re a newbie plant-based cook or simply don’t think cooking is really your forté, we are here with a collection of 15 incredibly easy recipes to prove to you not only CAN you cook using plant-based ingredients, but you can also make some pretty impressive meals at that.After you whip up these 15 recipes like a champ, don’t fret – there is no shortage of recipes on One Green Planet. See the 10 Easy Vegan Recipes Everyone Should Know, 20 Easy, Vegan Recipes to Inspire You and Your Family and 25 Vegan Recipes That Will Make You Forget About Meat, Dairy and Eggs for Good to get started. For even more, take a look at these 15 recipes that are some of our easiest, most delicious recipes to help you cook meat-free.

Read More Here: 15 of Our Easiest Recipes to Help You Cook Meat-Free | One Green Planet


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