15 Must-Try Malaysian Roti

For generations, the humble roti ranks alongside nasi lemak as Malaysia’s national dish. Literally meaning ‘bread’, one will be hard-pressed to find a Malaysian who isn’t in love with roti, nevermind the countless visitors and tourists who have been enamoured by it. Typically served with your curry of choice and dhal (lentil puree), roti takes on a great number of tasty and utterly delicious forms owing both to tradition and invention. Some love their roti with a crisp, and others chewy, and there’s no solitary way of enjoying this piece of flour flatbread – perhaps this is why it has taken to so many hearts and oh-so-endearingly. We’ve come up with a list of the most popular Malaysian rotis you can find in our food-loving nation. How many have you sampled? “Bos, roti satu!”

Read More Here: 15 Must-Try Malaysian Roti – HungryGoWhere Malaysia


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