Simple Tips for a Waste Free Bathroom

The bathroom should be a fairly easy room to tackle when it comes to attempting to go zero waste; it is simple decluttering and replacing the basics with waste-free alternatives. Where you may struggle is letting go of ALL the beauty and hygiene products you think you need. I would say I am a middle of the road girlie girl. I grew up a tomboy but morphed into a teenage girl consumed with how I looked; today, gladly, I am no longer that self-obsessed teenager and young woman. I still take pride in my appearance and always will, but thankfully, the notion that my beauty hinges on applying a plethora of product to my hair and body no longer has a hold of me.During my twenties, I acquired a multitude of creams, masks, make-up, hair products, travel size products, perfume, and so on and so forth. When I tackled my bathroom, I found many of these items half-used and untouched sitting in my linen closet and under my sink collecting dust. Embarrassing to admit, but some of these items have traveled with me across Canada and back and remained untouched. My thought process was that I would use them all, eventually.Often times the linen closet and beneath the bathroom sink are where people store cleaning products as well. For me, an entire shelf in the linen closet was filled with cleaning products: sanitizer, tub and tile cleaner, floor cleaner, wood oils and polishers, stainless steel appliance cleaner, “environmentally” friendly cleaners for the kids toys and the list goes on.

Read More Here: Simple Tips for a Waste Free Bathroom | One Green Planet


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