15 Best Hidden Gems in Penang

Penang truly lives up to its reputation as a food hub, never failing to surprise us with yummy goodies of all kinds from every nook and cranny of the island. If you’ve already exhausted all the popular food spots in town, then we’ve got 15 more must-try restaurants tucked away in hidden, quiet corners. From hawker stalls to chic cafes, hit up these eateries to savour and enjoy all that Penang has to offer.

#1 Genting Cafe Fish Head Noodles

Genting Cafe may be famous for their peanut butter chee cheong fun but their fish head noodles is putting up a real fight. Simply choose your seafood or meat, noodles (thick or thin mee hoon and instant noodles), and soup (clear or tomyam). The sweet and rich broth of the minced pork noodle (RM4) is the perfect accompaniment to their crispy fried fish fillet while the tomyum makes for a spicy-sour alternative.

Read More Here: 15 Best Hidden Gems in Penang – HungryGoWhere Malaysia


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