5 Things You Can Do Every Day to Help Protect the Oceans

There hasn’t been much good news related to the state of the world’s oceans lately. Although on the surface, we see the same pristine blue waters, lurking underneath the surface, however, is a whole host of all but beautiful problems. According to a recent report conducted by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), nearly half the world’s marine life has been wiped out in the last forty years due to overfishing, pollution, and climate change.Fifty percent of marine life in such a short span of time is alarming to say the least, but the loss of marine life is something that is felt through every layer of the ecological web. Did you know, for instance, that 50 percent of the world’s oxygen comes from the oceans? The oceans are also the world’s largest carbon sinks and help to regulate weather patterns. Although we might not live in the oceans, that does not mean that we don’t rely on it for our own lives. Because of this, it is incredibly important that we all play our part to turn this staggering trend of marine life loss around. As horrible as it might seem, human activities are primarily at fault for the current state of our oceans, but this means that there is also an enormous opportunity for us to turn this ship around.We can all play a part to protect marine species and the oceans through our daily actions. Here are five small, but incredibly impactful ways you can help save the oceans right now!

Read More Here: 5 Things You Can Do Every Day to Help Protect the Oceans | One Green Planet


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