How to Make Your Own Whipped Body Butter

The winter months bring cold temps and harsh weather that does its best to dry out your skin. We live in South Dakota where the addition of low humidity makes maintaining soft, supple skin a bit of a challenge. The best way I’ve found to combat mother nature is to protect and moisturize my skin with an indulgent homemade body butter that nourishes as it hydrates.The great thing about homemade body butters and lotions is that they are fully customizable to your unique needs or preferences. From the addition of your signature mix of essential oils, to dropping in a few of your own secret ingredients, this recipe can be completely personalized.The recipe starts with a base of pure unrefined shea butter and cold pressed coconut oil. When I first ventured into using natural products as a replacement for my lotion dependency, I started with just pure coconut oil. Coconut oil is great because it has transdermal properties that allow it to soak deep into your skin to start healing and moisturizing almost from the inside out. However, because it soaked in so well, I found that I felt a bit dry once it soaked in. Then I tried pure shea butter. Shea butter offers a thick, rich option that seems to stay on your skin for hours. But again, it wasn’t perfect. I needed it to soak in a little better, and I didn’t care for the overly greasy feel it left on my skin. This led to trying a combination of the two to achieve something that would render the benefits of both at the same time.

Read More Here: How to Make Your Own Whipped Body Butter | One Green Planet


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