5 Workouts to Help You Look Great in Your Clothing

The clothes only make the man if his physique is up to par. Tricks like getting a great tailor and wearing vertical stripes to look lean only go so far. If you really want to look stylish, whipping yourself into shape is the best way to go. A decent program with cardio and strength training means you can forget about trying to cover up problem areas and highlight your best assets instead.Since different clothes highlight different body parts, think about what types of garments you usually wear. A sleek jacket and tie calls for a killer core while jeans will have your butt on full display. We’ve highlighted five exercises to match some of the sleekest looks. Whether you tend to keep things casual or dress like it’s your last day on earth, these moves will help you look better than ever.

Read More Here: 5 Workouts to Help You Look Great in Your Clothing


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