25 Award-Winning Vegan Recipes for Your Emmys Party

Will it be “Downton Abbey” or “Game of Thrones” that takes home the Emmy award for Outstanding Drama Series this year? Or now that “Orange is the New Black” falls under the drama category instead of comedy (about time), will that show be the winner? Will “Modern Family” bring home yet another statue even if it’s the last chance for “Parks and Recreation?” Yes, it’s time for the 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards on September 20th. Even if you don’t watch much television, you would have to live in a cave to not be aware of the shows, characters and actors that are making news and inspiring new pop culture references, music and fashion. And tell the truth, we would root for animal activist Ricky Gervais no matter what category he was nominated in, right? Whether you care about who is walking down the red carpet wearing what (or whom), are rooting for your favorite shows and actors or just like to watch the celebrity-filled festivities, it’s always fun to watch awards shows with friends and make a party out of it. Check out How to Throw an Award-Worthy Vegan Emmys Party for tips on creating a themed-party that’s fun and filled with delicious food and drinks. The best party food is fun, easy to eat and completely appetizing. For recipes and ideas, see Be the Life of the Party This Summer With These 30 Vegan Appetizers, Simple and Flavorful Vegan Appetizer Ideas To Take to Your Next Celebration, Raw Vegan Finger Foods Perfect for Your Summer Parties and 10 Cheesy Spreads to Bring to Your Next Party. We have even more delicious ideas. Here are 25 award-winning vegan recipes to serve at your Emmys party and please accept our apologies for all the terrible puns in advance.

Read More Here : 25 Award-Winning Vegan Recipes for Your Emmys Party | One Green Planet


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