5 Essentials That Can Help You Learn How to Live With Less

The world for many of us has become glaringly complex. We have specialized machines for every daily task we face, like the forty-two options for making juice or a smoothie or a juice smoothie. There are individual apps for everything from driving to work to ordering lunch to choosing a matching outfit. Despite, or in fact due to, all the technological advancements, our list of needs seems to be growing at nearly the same rate as our “conveniences” multiply.However, the reality of our current situation as to how this constant growth of demand and supply strains our planet’s natural resources proves that we the need to move towards more self-sustainable lifestyles. Seriously, at current rates, were using one and a half earths worth of resources. In order to reduce our collective impact, we have to use less.Normally, we speak of this in terms of less energy, less water, and less packaging, but it also applies to how we go about conducting ourselves everyday. We need to reverse the trend of adding requirements and revert to minimizing our needs.

Read More Here : 5 Essentials That Can Help You Learn How to Live With Less | One Green Planet


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