The Best Fitness Aids for Plant-Based Athletes

If you’re an athlete, you may have found yourself at the local health food store or a fitness and nutrition-focused store (GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, online stores, etc.) and been faced with some tempting options: products that act as workout aids, recovery supplements, protein powders, energy aids, pain relievers, muscle-bulking agents, energy drinks, vitamins, and more.You know what we mean, right?While many of these may work in what they promise to do, that doesn’t mean they’re the best (or most natural) option. Many protein powders are filled with highly processed ingredients, sugar, unnecessary chemicals, GMOs, stabilizers, and very cheap forms of protein.Building muscle and improving your fitness starts in the kitchen first and foremost. If your diet is lacking in whole food forms of protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats in a healthy balance, no athletic aid out there will carry you very far. However, if you’re already eating a healthy, athletic-friendly diet, there are some options you can choose from to take things up a notch. Just be mindful of what you also need to avoid in the process; marketing is a real beast these days, even to those of us with deceiving eyes!Here’s what to choose and what to skip:

Read More Here : The Best Fitness Aids for Plant-Based Athletes | One Green Planet


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