7 Ways to Re balance Your Adrenal Glands at Every Meal

Our adrenal glands may be tiny, have powerful abilities to affect how we feel each day and how we manage what comes our way in life. You may have heard of the terms, “adrenal burn-out” or “adrenal fatigue” which mean that the adrenal glands have been exhausted beyond their daily duties. Normally, they process stress-related hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline to help regulate the body. During times of intense stress your adrenals pump out these hormones to help our bodies respond and not just crash and burn. For instance, when you’re in a state of panic or trouble your adrenals kick into action to motivate you to do something to get out of that state of danger as soon as possible. However, the problem occurs when these glands start to do this and you’re not in real danger. For example, let’s say throughout the day that you consistently feel stressed no matter what you do to try to calm down. Or maybe every little thing overwhelms you, and the smallest things seem to stress you out and make your nerves go haywire.

Read More Here : 7 Ways to Rebalance Your Adrenal Glands at Every Meal | One Green Planet


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