What I Eat as a Plant-Based Endurance Runner

Eating a plant-based diet will often attract common questions such as, “Where do you get your protein,” or “How do you get enough calcium and vitamin D?”When you are an endurance athlete, competing in events lasting up to a several hours, these questions grow from curiosity to sometimes flat out disbelief. The truth of the matter is however, eating a plant-based diet can serve as an enormous advantage to an endurance athlete.Plant foods offer an abundance of phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals which allow the recovery process to shorten and performance to improve. I experienced the benefits of a plant-based diet firsthand after transitioning from the standard American diet, to a vegetarian diet, which then ultimately led to a whole foods, plant-based vegan diet.I have been an athlete my entire life, although I was never able to quite perform and recover as well as I have since making the dietary transition. Almost right away I was able to notice an improvement in my performance, an increase in speed, quicker recovery times – all in addition to better overall health.Over the past two years, my performance and abilities have improved so dramatically that I was able to complete my first full marathon last year, and I now have plans to complete my second in the near future.Through my training, I have experimented with a variety of plant foods in an attempt to properly meet my nutritional needs. Thus far I have found several reliable meals that are able to prepare me for even the most challenging of workouts.

Read More Here : What I Eat as a Plant-Based Endurance Runner | One Green Planet


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