7 Foods That Make Your Nails Grow Fast and Stay Stronger Longer

Who doesn’t want strong nails that don’t break at the slightest little thing? Wouldn’t it be nice to just eat certain foods and be able to grow longer and stronger every single month? Coming from someone who used to say she “would never have long nails,” I can tell you that it is 100 percent possible when you give your body the right sources of nutrients. First thing’s first, though, the false nails have to go ladies. Chemicals and glue that hold false nails on do not support nail growth; they can also strip away the very protection your nails need in order to truly be healthy. When you start feeding your body the right foods, you’ll be shocked at how much your nails will change in a very short amount of time. You’ll have a hard time keeping them trimmed and before you know it, they’ll be stronger than you ever imagined! I now have strong nails that grow more and more every single month, and despite having my nails being into multiple things in the kitchen or typing away on my computer, I can tell you they never break or chip away like they used to. In fact, they only get stronger and longer with each passing month. To get the nails you’ve always wanted, just power up your diet with these foods:

Read More Here : 7 Foods That Make Your Nails Grow Fast and Stay Stronger Longer | One Green Planet


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