Foods That May Help Prevent Skin Cancer When Eaten Regularly

Skin cancer affects five million people every single year, and every single year more people are diagnosed with skin cancer than prostate, colon, breast and lung cancer combined. Those statistics alone are startling, but what’s even worse is that one person dies of melanoma every single hour and it is one of the cancers that shows a steady increase every single year.

While none of us can completely avoid our cancer risks, we certainly can lead lifestyles that ensure we’re doing as much as possible to minimize our risks. Avoiding red meat and conventional animal products has been on the forefront of most cancer prevention protocols, along with quitting smoking and leading healthier lifestyles. However, when it comes to skin cancer, we often only hear about staying out of the sun, tanning beds, avoiding smoke exposure, and being sure to wear our SPF if we do get some rays during the day. These are very important and make a dramatic difference in protecting the body against toxins and harmful UV rays linked to cancer.

But what about our diets? Could we possibly eat more foods that strengthen the body (and skin’s) defenses at developing cancer?

The answer is yes.

Read More Here : Foods That May Help Prevent Skin Cancer When Eaten Regularly | One Green Planet.


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