5 Simple Body Hacks to Avoid Jet Lag 

It’s easy to get pumped about traveling abroad, but if you’ve ever been punished with a crippling case of jet lag, you know the struggle to reboot your body clock in unfamiliar territory is very real.

Fortunately, these simple body hacks can help you curb and prevent the pains of trans-time zone travel. You’ll be hopping off the plane and raring to go in no time.

1. Get a jump on your time zone adjustment
If you can swing it, start moving your routine forward or backward an hour or two, depending on where you’ll be headed. Start going to bed earlier/later and shifting your meal times. Even a little preparation can pay off big time and help you hit the ground running without any hiccups.

2. Adjust your watch ahead of time
Setting your watch to the local time of your destination a day or two before will help reinforce the notion of living like you’re already there.

Read More Here : 5 Simple Body Hacks to Avoid Jet Lag | Supercompressor.


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