5 Foods You Can Use to Make Natural Make-Up With (and Why You Should)

If you’ve ever turned over your beloved container of foundation, lipstick, blush, or bronzer, you’ve likely read a long list of ingredients you can’t pronounce. While many brands advertise themselves as being “natural” or even “organic,” the truth is, many of these labels are false in terms of their truly natural ingredient list and seemingly healthy profile. Superficial beauty comes with a price, and that price in this case, is pure chemicals. Chemicals that aren’t just dangerous for us, but also dangerous for animals. Many products in the make-up industry today directly include dead animal parts, or they may be tested on animals while animals are alive such as pouring certain items in their eyes or exposing them to deadly fumes. This isn’t just cruel, but also a little insane when you think about it. If we’re not sure something we’ll be putting on our skin that directly seeps through our pores and enters the bloodstream is safe, why are we even considering it in the first place?

How did that become beautiful?

Make-ups can also contain gluten, soy, and other allergenic ingredients people often believe only come through their diet. Then there’s the reaction to the chemicals in beauty products many people face. Eyes watering, rashes, dry skin, sneezing, oily breakouts — these might all be a reaction to a product you are using and can even lead to swelling, hives, and even headaches if you’re highly chemical-sensitive.

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5 Foods You Can Use to Make Natural Make-Up With (and Why You Should) | One Green Planet.


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