9 Legit Ways to Use Less Plastic

Plastic, some would say, is the scourge of the planet, and it would be hard to argue. In former times, there were ages of bronze, iron, and various other earthly minerals and metals, but we … we have somehow managed to be the self-identified age of garbage, an era in which there is so much waste to be left on the planet that people in future times will likely associate us as much with landfills as they will with the technological advancements that has come to fill them.

It doesn’t matter what side of the global warming debate (as if!) one falls on. It doesn’t matter what someone thinks of recycling, the value of convenience or how hopeless and helpless the situation is. We all know that producing more garbage, plastic being the long-standing offender, is not the answer.

On this topic, there’s no real cause for debate. There are no scientific studies claiming that garbage happens anyway. We all know it: We need to curb the waste rather than continually put more on the curb. If there is one thing we should be striving to do, that’s creating less garbage, and plastic is the place to start.

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9 Legit Ways to Use Less Plastic | One Green Planet.


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