10 Awesome Apps to Every Beginner Plant-Based Cook Should Download

Nowadays, we all can spend too much time on our electronics. We are bound to our portable screens, continually on the go without much thought and care to the sacredness found at home in our kitchen. We have succumbed to frozen meals and microwaves because we either don’t have the time to cook or we don’t know how to combat our habits. It doesn’t have to be this way! Our two worlds of electronics and cooking can come together in harmony. Whether you’re a lazy cook, a bad cook, or a chef, it’s important to use the tools we have to generate recipe and kitchen inspiration so we are more connected to our food, and ultimately, ourselves.

Let’s put our smartphones to good use. There is a growing amount of health, wellness and food related apps, with plant-based and vegan ones making headway. Check out these Top Ten Apps for vegan eaters and plant-based followers. For those who are trying to learn how to cook- have no fear, there are apps for that too! With thousands of recipes and kitchen tips, here are ten of the best, how-to cooking apps for plant-based eaters:

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10 Awesome Apps to Every Beginner Plant-Based Cook Should Download | One Green Planet.


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