The world’s safest cities for travellers

You could say there are a lot of truly great things about Barcelona, but safety for travellers probably isn’t one of them. This is a place that’s a pickpocket’s paradise, where you have to take a few precautions and stay out of certain areas to ensure you hang on to all of your valuables.

And yet Barcelona is apparently safe. In the Economist Intelligence Report that was released earlier this year, the Catalan capital was ranked the 15th safest city in the world, due to an increased police presence and reduction in crime. Still, it’s not exactly what you’d call safe for unsuspecting travellers.

It’s clear that, despite the official statistics, there are certain cities in the world that feel dodgy, and some in which you’ll feel immediately comfortable and secure as a first-time visitor. Barcelona probably isn’t one of them. But these are.


Tokyo rates highly on anyone’s scale – in fact, outside of the occasionally seedy district of Roppongi, this is an incredibly safe city where you don’t for a single second ever feel like you’re in any danger. The locals are polite, friendly and respectful. I’ve seen group of girls leave their handbags on chairs in busy city streets while they go inside a restaurant to order, never for a second thinking that someone could steal them. It’s that kind of city, perfect for anyone worried about their safety.

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