70 Summery Backyard DIY Projects That Are Borderline Genius

From planting a small flower garden to sprucing up your outdoor furniture, many of these projects will take you less than a day to complete and some may not cost you anything at all if you have a few basic supplies on hand.

Go ahead and get ready for summer by adding some beauty to your outdoors. From DIY stepping stones to marvelous outdoor patio furniture that you can make yourself, this collection has it all. There are even instructions for how you can add a little color to a stone patio and wonderful ideas for dressing up boring fences and adding a bit of privacy.

Whether you choose on project or choose them all, we are certain that you will find something that will instantly improve your outdoor décor and give you a great reason to get outside this summer.

Make a Giant Xylophone

If you want something really fun, not to mention cheap and easy to build, you can make a giant xylophone for your little ones. They will have hours of fun making music in the backyard and since xylophones are generally different colors, you can brighten up your outdoors just a bit. This is such an easy project that just calls for pine boards, paint and rope. You’ll also need a staple gun and you can build it in just a few hours. Imagine the fun your little one will have putting on an outdoor concert for you.

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70 Summery Backyard DIY Projects That Are Borderline Genius – Full News.

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