How the Plastic You Use Is Killing Animals on One of the World’s Most Remote Islands

Midway Atoll was the site of an important turning point in world history in the 1940s. The Battle of Midway occurred in June 1942, six months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The tiny, seemingly insignificant chain of islands that make up the Midway Atoll ended up playing a pivotal role in the history books and turning the tide on World War II’s action in the Pacific.

While conflict may have ended decades ago during the first Battle of Midway, there appears to be a second battle of a different type raging both on land and at sea. And unlike the wartime fighting that was fueled by international tensions, this new battle is rooted in a common culture obsessed with consumption and throwaway goods. It’s a battle between the environment and garbage that’s thrown away but never actually goes away.

The characteristics of this second Battle of Midway do not involve heavy artillery, strategically planned attacks, or a direct assault on human life. Rather, the war is more passive in nature from man in his onslaught of wildlife on this tiny patch of land in the middle of the Pacific. A little bit of carelessness and ignorance on the part of one individual results in insurmountable destruction when you consider these actions taking place amongst entire populations of communities living along the coast. The plastic pollution that finds its way to the shores of the Midway Atoll becomes an eyesore at best and a lethal meal for a variety of marine life at worst.

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How the Plastic You Use Is Killing Animals on One of the World’s Most Remote Islands | One Green Planet.


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